The world we live in runs at a very FAST pace, and food is no exception. Whether it’s fast food or racing around the kitchen, grabbing breakfast each morning, we have lost sight of mindfulness when it comes to making and eating food in our culture. 

By slowing down and being more mindful of meals, it can dramatically change your overall relationship with food, not to mention your physical body. 

Think of the last time you sat down to eat breakfast, or enjoyed meal prepping and planning out your weeks worth of food. These are amazing habits to have in place for mindful eating. If you don’t already do this, then keep reading! We have included our favorite life-changing strategies to bring a little more mindfulness to your daily mealtime.

Mindful Eating Tips

  • Sit down at the table. No matter what.
  • Ask yourself how hungry you are on a scale from 1-10.
  • Use smaller plates. Many of you have heard this advice, but have you tried it? Try. The results may surprise you.
  • Turn off the T.V. Nothing good can come of eating and watching television at the same time.
  • Eat dinner with friends or family a couple of nights a week. Eat slowly and talk.
  • Try to leave your desk for lunch. If you absolutely cannot, turn the computer around, clear the area in front of you, and don’t answer the phone. Enjoy your meal.
  • When you sit down to eat, just eat. Try not to distract yourself with your iPhone, laptop, a magazine, or the T.V. 
  • Put your fork or spoon down after every bite you take. It sounds daunting, but you will be shocked at how much better you feel. No more food coma!
  • Notice what conversations you are engaging in while eating. Do these make you feel happy, sad, mad?
  • If you are mad, frustrated, upset, etc. wait until you calm down to eat.
  • Put snacks into bowls. Reaching into a bag or box can only lead to trouble because you will be unaware of the amount you are consuming.
  • Go for a walk before dessert. This will give you time to truly enjoy what you already ate, and help you decide if you really want any more food.
  • Don’t eat while driving.
  • Do not eat until you are too full. Think about eating until you are about 80% full. 
  • Once your meal is finished, enjoy a few moments of quiet and stillness before rushing off to the next activity.  Notice how your body feels.

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