People generally think fruit is the complete health food! It is full of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. However, some people have strong allergies to fruits like strawberries or citrus fruits. Other individuals have a difficult time digesting the high levels of fructose or pectins found in fruits.

Many northern cultures around the globe have very little wild-growing fruits. Further, the fruits that do grow naturally have a minimal harvest time. Some schools of thought believe this has made people indigenous to these northern areas less able to digest fruits, possibly creating an intolerance or sensitivity.

Also, fructose malabsorption is a medical disorder in which individuals are unable to breakdown the fruit sugar fructose, a monosaccharide. This is considered different than a general “fruit intolerance.” Fructose malabsorption may be more common in people with Crohn’s, IBS, and IBD. Symptoms of real fructose intolerance can be similar to symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Some vegetables do contain fructose as well. For those with a true fructose malabsorption disorder, they may have trouble digesting certain vegetables. General fruit intolerance or fruit allergy individuals usually do not have a difficult time digesting vegetables that contain fructose.

For suggestions on how to remove fruit and fructose from your diet, click the link here.

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