When you first hear you should avoid potato, it seems pretty simple!  However, with research, you will learn that potato is a sneaky ingredient added to many foods.

Getting potato out your diet may help you experience less brain fog, headache, memory loss, joint pain, constipation, and SO much more.

So once you have removed the apparent forms of potato-like mashers and fries, it gets a little more tricky. Often the easiest way to remove potato from your life is to start reading labels. It can masquerade in many different things like salt, baking powders, thickeners, bread, yeasts, etc. But before you get too overwhelmed, there are alternatives to ALL of these things. It’s just takes understanding what ingredients have potato and what doesn’t.

Here are some great tips and substitutions for Potato.

  • Let’s be honest, everyone loves french fries. Fried parsnips or carrots taste SO delicious and will give you the same satiation as french fries.
  • Do you feel like you need potato chips with lunch? Easy. Try these epic Cassava chips. (you will never miss potato chips again).
  • Do you already miss mom’s home-cooked shepherd’s pie? Try cauliflower rice on top instead of potato.
  • It feels wrong to have Thanksgiving dinner without mashed potatoes. We love a parsnip and cauliflower mash.
  • Our experts think the best potato-free bread is your homemade bread at the local bakery or grocery store. Just be sure to ask them if they add any potato flour to the dough.
  • Not sure about that hamburger bun? Go bun free! Ask the restaurant to wrap your burger in lettuce instead of a bun.
  • Packing a picnic and need some quick snacks? We love these Brown Rice Chips, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Blue Corn Chips, Plantain Chips, or Black Bean Chips.

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