If you have taken an allergy test and it came back positive- rest assured that your fun is not over! In many cases, people end up enjoying food more after discovering this. Food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances enlighten people to see food in a new and refreshing way. We are accustomed to drive-thru lines and pre-packed snacks. These things aren’t terrible, but food becomes meaningful when we take the time to understand it.

A positive test does not mean that you will never eat that food again. If you have an intolerance or sensitivity to a certain food, then there is definitely a chance you can heal the gut through an individualized health plan. Reintroducing foods into the diet has been done before, and it could work for you! Take a look at I Have a Positive Test- Now What for some information on what this process looks like.

Learning Your Way Around Allergies

The wellness community is growing like never before, which means lots of opportunities for exciting healthy options. Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible. We have a really fun recipes section on our site where you can find great guides for cooking at home. Also, Yelp is an incredible resource to find local spots that accommodate or specialize in the food you’re looking for. Simply type ______ free restaurants and read some reviews! Another thing to do is go to a local health food store and ask where their allergy-friendly options are located. New brands and restaurants are constantly coming out with amazing products and menus!

Have Grace For Yourself

Lastly, birthday cake is not bad for you on your birthday! We believe that food is meant to be enjoyed, not restricted. You aren’t a slave to your allergies. There is freedom in this process. Everyone has a different way of making this transition, that’s why we are so passionate about individualized health plans. The goal is to feel good, not to limit everything you love.

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