testing options

If you took our quiz and feel you need more information,
here are our best suggestions for getting tested.

Premium Provider

The BEST way to get tested is to visit your preferred provider to ask for food sensitivity testing. The type of providers who are savvy at assessing issues with food are naturopathic physicians, functional nutritionists, functional medical doctors and some chiropractors. Click here for a run down of types of food testing.  (What is a food allergy versus a sensitivity?)

Testing Partner

Another option if you desire self-collection is through our partner, Everlywell. This is one methodology that works for some and can be conveniently done at home with your samples mailed in and your results delivered on their online portal. You then come back to our site, input your sensitivities, if any and filter recipes.

Allergist Testing

For food allergies we suggest you see an allergist. For information on the difference between sensitivities and allergies click here to read our article “What is a food allergy versus a sensitivity?”

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