Digestion is our body’s process of breaking down food. You may think it sounds simple. You eat food, and then the body mechanically and enzymatically breaks it down. Then it’s transferred into waste, and the body excretes.  However, a healthy digestive system is critical for whole-body wellness. Digestion has an impact on many different parts of the body in many different ways. 

Digestive Problems

Many things can lead to difficulty with digestion. For instance, a poor diet, a high-stress lifestyle, food sensitivity, or even infection may lead to less than optimal digestion. Some of the conditions that we commonly associate with poor digestion include bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, and constipation. 

Additionally, other symptoms may indicate a problem with digestion. Some of these include acne, food allergies, depression, rosacea, difficulty sleeping, unintentional weight changes, fatigue, and anxiety.

Potential Solutions

Just as there are many causes, there are also many solutions when it comes to digestive health. A great solution to improve digestion is by using food/nutrition as medicine. Many people struggle with food choices and how to nourish themselves adequately. This is especially challenging as American society continues to grow faster, bigger, and more industrialized. It is far easier (i.e., cheaper and quicker) to prioritize convenience and speed over quality. Consequently, people eat what isn’t technically even real “food.” 

Take time to recognize the difference between processed foods (for example, Twinkies) and unprocessed and whole foods (for example, a yam). Then we are more knowledgeable to make replacements in our diet. This can make all the difference. Even more, a larger intake of fluids and probiotics also help.

Getting Help

A naturopathic or functional medicine doctor or holistic consultant can help achieve a better understanding of digestion. They help determine what may be missing or overused in an individual diet. They can also do blood work and an assessment of emotional and mental health. Then, implement necessary changes to bring digestion back into balance. You may see changes like clearer skin, less joint pain, mood improvement, healthy weight management, and the loss of stomach discomfort. We have amazing access to an array of tests that may benefit you greatly here.

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