Simple and Smart ways to kick gluten out of your diet for good (without missing anything.)

Removing wheat and gluten out of your diet can change your life (if you are wheat or gluten sensitive). Truthfully, often humans don’t digest gluten well. The undigested portions of wheat begin to ferment, producing gas and an acidic environment. Additionally, gluten can be pro-inflammatory. Since it is rapidly converted to sugar, it can cause a rise in the body’s insulin levels. Consequently, gluten can be a key contributor to leaky gut and can even create an autoimmune response in the body.


By eliminating gluten, you may see an improvement in your digestion, brain fog, and overall endocrine system, including the thyroid.  Often the easiest way to remove gluten from your life is to skip the processed foods altogether. This includes bread, baked goods, cereals, cookies, crackers, etc. The great news is there are delicious substitutions for all of your favorites!

Tips and substitutions for wheat/gluten


  • Instead of cereal containing wheat, try a yummy paleo granola like Thrive Market’s Maple Pancake Granola. Our experts also love the Freedom cereals as they are higher in protein with the use of a variety of ancient grains and beans.
  • Do you crave a good English Muffin for breakfast? We love Glutino’s brand.



  • Love desserts and pastries like cherry pie? King Arthur makes a great pie crust you can find in the freezer. We also love Bob’s Red Mill pie crust.
  • Cookie addict? These Hail Merry cookies may just change your life and will never leave you wishing for a gluten-filled cookie.
  • These pop-n-go donuts are a fun homemade treat.

Remember, with gluten substitutes, some things you will love, and others might taste a lot like cardboard. Be patient with the process of upgrading your pantry. We hope our suggestions give you the perfect start!

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