Weekly Food Prep suggestions

Planning your meals for the week may just be the most critical thing you can do for your health and your sanity. Often, when we don’t do a little bit of planning and prep work, we end up in the drive-thru or eating cereal for dinner (we have been there!).

It is also helpful to have a handful of quick and simple meals in your back pocket so you can easily pull together a meal with staples that you have in your pantry already.

We suggest making a list of your top 5-10 meals you make with ease that is your in your typical rotation. As a result, you will have a kick start to your menu planning each week. Additionally, it can help you get a little more creative with your meals.

Some families have success with doing themed nights. For example, Taco Tuesdays or Pizza Night Fridays. Food sensitivities don’t have to get in the way of our favorite meals. So, we suggest sitting down, putting pen to paper, and scratching out your menu each week! See below for some other meal preparation tips.


Make a fun ritual out of it. Curl up on the couch with your magazines, Pinterest, our amazing recipes, and a cup of tea.


How does your week look? Do you have any late work nights? Commitments with friends or your kids activities? What nights do you exercise? 

Plan your meals according to how much time you will have, and don’t hesitate to have breakfast for dinner night or plan an eat-out night. 


Inspect the pantry, fridge, and freezer. What needs to be used? What do you have an excess of? Work that into your recipes and meals. 


Collect your recipe ideas and start building your shopping list. Try to use several ingredients in a variety of dishes to save money and time. Plan dinners that can quickly turn into lunch the next day and consider making a frittata or big batch of oatmeal to eat for several days.


Pick one day or evening where you can commit two hours to prep for the week. This will save a ton of time during the week.  Team up with a friend and share your meal plan, shopping list, and cooking duties. This not only saves time and money, but you’ll have a great time doing it! 

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