Quick Breakfast: Sprouted Grain Bread with Nut Butter

At FoodEmpowerment we believe in having three quick breakfast options always on hand to make morning choices EASY and NUTRITIOUS. Keep life simple!

This quick and easy breakfast is fit for most food intolerances.

Bread brands we like:

Nut butters that are awesome:

  • Justin’s Almond Butter
  • Sun & Seed’s Walnut Butter
  • Rx Bar Nut Butter Variety Packs for a grab n’ go option!

Nutritional boosters:

  • Add fresh or frozen fruit of your choice
  • Top with flax meal, chia seeds, cacao nibs, granola or crushed almonds
  • Drizzle with a little raw honey
  • Add a couple of carrots or celery sticks for extra fiber to fill you up and boost vitamin intake!

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